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Just your friendly neighbourhood comedy troupe!

Up The Antics are a group of miscreants, vagabonds and rebellious spirits from Bristol, United Kingdom. The Antics run a monthly stand-up, sketch and improv night “The Antics Joke Show” at Cafe Kino, that has been featured in Bristol 24/7, The Bristol Magazine and Wriggle, as well as on BCFM’s Stood Up.

The Antics perform sketch and improv comedy, with their long-form improv performed by their house team 'Halfway Up' in venues across Bristol and Bath.

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Comedy Group for Hire
We are available at bookings for shows, functions and private events. For more information on rates and availability please email us on the Up The Antics Email.

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Luke Mallison

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Luke is an improviser, sketch performer and occasional stand-up. As well as Up The Antics, he is part longform improv team "Last Day On Earth" and Sci-fi improv team Real Positive Poles. His favourite part of comedy is all the admin involved in running shows. No, really.


Scott Wilson

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To the classically trained, Scott Wilson is the true 'triple threat' of the group - he can act, sing and has a gun. One of the founders of The Idle Playthings at Bath Spa University, most recently he's released a sitcom called Frack Off which he wrote/directed/produced/bled for, and narrowly avoided being sued by Paul McCartney for the smutty Fringe show The Dung Beatles. He has appeared on stage, screen and online - occasionally on purpose.


Ros Beeson

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Over the past four years, long-time theatre and comedy enthusiast Ros Beeson has performed stand-up, sketches and improv, and was lucky enough to have her first play Reaping Death commissioned and performed in November 2014. In 2015, she produced and filmed AMDRAM, a comedy short which is currently in post-production. She is looking for a non-smoker with a great sense of humour. If you fit this description, then come to one of our shows.


Vicky Cansfield

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Victoria Cansfield trained at the National Youth Film Academy and Bath Spa University. She originally joined the group in 2013, and hasn't looked back since. Outside of performing, Victoria enjoys playing football, ukulele and travelling. Comedy credits include: This Show has got Nothing to do with Penguins (Edinburgh Fringe festival); The Vick 'N' Rick Show (tour); The Ladle of Destiny (Bath Comedy Festival); and Bring Back Cabaret (The Idle Playthings).


Amy Young

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Amy Young graduated from the University of Exeter in 2015 with one goal: to stave off adulthood with her bumbling brand of awkward quirkiness. Apart from a brief stand-up career that lasted approximately five hours, her comedy experience has involved playing 'Beatrice' in Much Ado About Nothing, as well as various drunken Shakespearean scoundrels with the Gloucestershire Youth Players at the RSC. Her attempts to locate Hogwarts have so far proven ineffectual.


Beth Kerridge

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Beth is an improviser and sketch performer. As well as Up The Antics, she is a cast member in Bristol Improv Theatre’s ’This Is Your Musical’, an improvised musical theatre show, a performer in children’s improvised theatre shows, and other improv and sketch groups in Bristol. In her spare time, Beth enjoys making music and preparing for the obvious, impending zombie apocalypse.


Conor Bailey

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Former President of Bath Spa University's comedy group The Idle Playthings, Conor flip-flops from his home in Winchester to his residence in Bath with the intent of using his Creative Writing degree in some sort of humorous fashion. He has appeared in the Edinburgh Fringe show Ctrl-Alt-Sketch, numerous episodes of Pipped at the Podcast as well as showing up several times at the Antics Jokeshow. Conor writes for a cultural website, The Newplex, as well as hosting FaceTurn Wrestling Podcast.


Oscar Stretton

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Originally a member of Bath Spa University's comedy society The Idle Playthings, Oscar Stretton has been involved in a number of comedy gigs in and around Bath and Bristol. With a preference for improv comedy, he is able to come up with jokes on the spot which (very occasionally) can be funny. When not 'doing the funny' he can be found wandering the streets of Bristol or enjoying weekends away to the Dorset coast.


Waqar Munir

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Waqar Munir has asked, despite being explicitly told not to, that he be called the resident Asian of the gang. He's 27, single and looking for love

(we're not sure if he thinks this is Tinder or not).

As one of the more senior members of the group - both in years and time spent in it - he can act (sort of); he can improv (reasonably well); and he can sing and dance (if you close your eyes and block your ears).